Had a little accident.

You know I’m a clutz don’t you? Actually I’m not particularly clumsy but if I’m going to have an accident, any accident, it will be a weird accident. I’m a magnet for the bizarre.

The day started out brilliantly. We drove to the beach, walked in the warm sunshine, checked out the new Sandgate Pier, and chased soldier crabs across the sand.

pier 2

The day got even better when I picked up my new love, Miss Janome II. Eeeek!!!

miss new janomeI put her through her paces, sewing a few seams on the elephant quilt (which is coming together again after being thoroughly un-sewn!).

Then we decided to make a batch of chilli tomato sauce. After an hour or so I could smell it catching on the bottom of the pan. When I was pouring the sauce into a new pan, it created a freak chilli-tomato wave that sloshed up the side of the pan, bounced off the sink, and splashed lava hot liquid into my face and eye.

lava 2aYeowwww!

I like to think I look like this. But with added burnt bits. And a little bit of swelling. And a few blisters.

eyepatch 2You can laugh out loud now. I am. toni xx




7 thoughts on “Had a little accident.

  1. Oh Toni, hope you are feeling better now though burns take more than a couple of days to stop “burning”. Not sure Sheryl’s safety glasses would cover much so what if I lend you my motorbike helmet as it has a visor that is well out from one’s face?

  2. Oh dear, this is so not funny, she says as she holds back a giggle. In return I will share a story, not mine obviously but a very close person.

    So…one day this male friend with his wife is in the hot tub outside on a VERY cold and icy day. Both are drinking wine. The wife gets out a goes in the house and said man goes to follow her after a minute or too. As he steps out he slips and falls face forward…the weiner is wet and sticks to the wood deck…and there he stays until wife hears his cries of pain. Little hot water removed the organ but makes for a hilarious story. So…you are not alone in weird tales.

    Be kind to yourself…love you

  3. Oh dear!!!! I’m not sure if you need a keeper, a stiff drink … or a very long holiday in the south of France … or a combination of all three! :0) Hope you heal quickly … and you have a REALLy good reason for staying out of the kitchen. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

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