Drum Roll Please…

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and entries for the Happy Quilts book and softie giveaway. I corralled the kids tonight and had them randomly pick a winner. Drum roll please…

The winner of the Happy Quilts giveaway is Maria! Congratulations Maria, I’ve always wanted to live in a lighthouse!

Have a wonderful weekend watching Aragon, sewing, re-storing furniture and family time….. Hmm!! Lighthouses…for a new idea….

But there’s more..

book and bugThe lovely people at F+W Media have given me five (5) more copies of Happy Quilts to giveaway, so I dragged the kids off their computers to pick five more entries. Second drum roll please…

monsters 11

The winners are – Julie Sullivan, Annemiek, Lauren Hall, Robin McGuire, and Barb Bunz. Please email me with your postal details and I will arrange for F+W to send you a copy of Happy Quilts!

There will be more giveaways over the next few weeks working up to the release date of the book, which keeps changing, so I can’t give a precise date. There are (2) Happy Boxes to giveaway for pre-orders (email me your confirmation receipt) and of course the Therm-o-Web (HeatnBond) prize packs!

I was going to get so much done last weekend, and this week too, but life got in the way and I’m chasing my tail again. Kelly had a nasty reaction to her flu vaccination and was quite sick, and we had to jump through hoops for a prospective purchaser of our property. I still can’t believe I completely flooded our kitchen with hot water an hour before inspection!

In between dramas I’ve been experimenting with my scraps. I’ve sewn 2in squares together and pressed the seams open so I can fuse the critter to the scrappy block. It’s still a bit secret squirrel, mostly because I’m not sure whether it will look great or be totally revolting – stay tuned LOL. I’ve fused pieced fabric before and it works well but whether it will work with the critter I’ve chosen remains to be seen.

basic bear kit 1I’ve also been re-working the old Cuddle Bears pattern to include a variety of different bears using (almost) the same method and updated templates. Cuddle Bears will be retired and replaced with a basic bear pattern that includes bears, pandas, and koalas (who are not bears).They are still cuddly and super easy to make :oD

panda 1

That’s it from me tonight, I’m going to soak my weary, achey bones in a hot bath and drift off into blissful sleep. Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx


5 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…

  1. Congrats to my buddy Maria, what a fab win! Toni you’ve been a busy girl, flooding or not. Can’t wait for my book to arrive, it seems so long since I pre-ordered it!

  2. you are so busy there… lots of lovely things and well done to the winners of the book – they will LOVE it…Hugz

  3. Ha! It s Friday the 13th! Who says that it isn’t a lucky day…at least it is MY lucky day👍🏻 Thank you!!!

  4. Sew excited to be a lucky winner.. Congratulations to the other winners and a huge thank you for the lovely giveaway Toni XX

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