More Happy Quilts giveaways!

Howdy Happy Campers,

How has your week been? Mine has been spent running around like a chook without a head, but heaps of stuff has been crossed off the to-do list. We had our first fine day for weeks this week and I went mad washing every conceivable sheet, blanket and cushion cover in the house. Even the washing machine is exhausted!

Before I get started on the giveaways, congratulations to Vivian O. for winning the April Birthday Club. I’ve sent Vivian a $25 e-voucher from Fat Quarter Shop. You can sign up for the Birthday Club by clicking on the Sign-ups tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Okay, first up is the pre-order giveaway boxes. The super-lovely people from Therm-o-Web have come onboard and have sent some fantastic products for me to play with, and to add to the giveaway boxes.

thermoweb 2

Therm-o-Web make the HeatnBond Lite fusible webbing that I use in all of my applique projects – quilts and softies.

HeatnBond is the only fusible web product I use, it survives our hot and humid weather without separating and it’s easy to stitch through even with multiple layers. I thoroughly recommend using it. Brilliant stuff!

giveaway pack

The pre-order giveaway boxes now have (2) packs of Heat-n-Bond Lite, a pack of EZ-Print Lite (fusible web that goes through your printer!), and (2) packs of Deco Foil and adhesive. There are two identical prizes, one for Aussies and one for international customers. I’ll be adding to the Happy Boxes as the days tick towards release day.

You can pre-order Happy Quilts from Amazon and several other great book suppliers including Barnes & Noble, Book Depositry and FishPond. All links can be found on the Happy Quilts tab in the menu. To go in the pre-order Happy Boxes giveaway, simply email me proof of your pre-order purchase.

Have you seen the new Deco Foil products? Therm-o-Web has sent me some Deco Foil to play with. Can you imagine how amazing this would look on the Princess quilt… shiny crowns! I’m hoping to get a few minutes this weekend to get stuck in and play. The colours are amazing and apparently it fuses to your fabric. I can feel a love affair starting!

Remember to enter the giveaway for my first ever, signed if you want, copy of Happy Quilts plus a softie from the book. You have to leave a comment on this blog post. There’s one week to go before I draw the winner. The official release date for the book is 3rd June, so you will be getting the first advanced copy!

book and bug

But there’s more! When the release date gets closer and I receive my copies of the book, I will be giving away (2) copies of the book with a small pack of HeatnBond included, (2) copies of the book with a big pack of HeatnBond included and (1) copy of the book with EZ-print Lite included. Stay tuned for further details!

I’ve tried really hard to give you value-for-money with this book. The softie patterns can be changed-up to make different characters. The super hero dolls have removable capes and masks.

Super Boy and Super Girl turn into Karl Kent and Louise Lane when they aren’t using their super powers!

When they aren’t looking their best friend Spot turns into Super Dog!

super dog

Don’t you LOVE Super Dog!? He looks so… so… evil!

That’s all I can think of right now, I’ve gone blank ROFLOL – it’s obviously time for coffee! Have a great weekend everyone, much love, toni xx


11 thoughts on “More Happy Quilts giveaways!

  1. Hello Toni,

    Congratulations on your book being published, can you tell me if there is a Pirate themed quilt in your book?

    Happy days.

    1. Hi Bev, I sent you an email, but in case you didn’t get it I’ll reply here too. No,unfortunately there wasn’t enough room in the book to make everything I wanted to. But I’m planning on a pirate quilt in the future. Hopefully this year if time allows. toni xx

  2. I would love to use that foil for some fish and underwater beasties! Very cute and I can’t wait for the book – my sweetie just preordered it for me 🙂 I am a lucky woman! YAY! I also totally took advantage of the last $4 Friday and I can’t wait until this next school break to start on some of the quilts! (I also really like the modification to the kittty and puppy pals!)

  3. Supergirl will be sewn the minute THE book arrives at my door. Already made a best friends doll for my 3 month old granddaughter and she loves it. So fun to hear her ” talking” to her doll. The knotted hair is great for her to grab too. Since baby J is in fact a superbaby, I think she needs the supergirl 😀 With an appliqued letter “J”…..My supplies/ fabrics are on my table, I’m ready!

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