Another Happy Quilt.

Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? I think I must be experiencing a rare, but virulent burst of PMT. The bite-your-head-off variety. I actually had angry words with my daughter’s dentist on Thursday. Eeeek!

angry disney

When I get like this I start to clean. And wash. I find washing clothes soothing, I’ve been known to wash clean clothes ;oP. But hey I’m a freak, I like washing dishes too. Three giant bags of clothes went to goodwill and I pulled a dozen or so quilts out of storage to put up for sale. I’ll let you know when I’ve sorted the details out.

I did get the binding finished on the giant daisies quilt. In hindsight I think I should have used red fabric to bind it, but there is no way I am going to unpick eight metres of binding right now, it will have to stay purple :oD

giant daisies

This quilt makes me happy, and it has taken No. 1 spot on my favourite quilts list. I love it to death and I’m glad it didn’t end up in the bin. The pattern is almost done, all I need to do is find the template and take a decent photo.

Have a great weekend everyone. I need to get out of the house before I go completely mad, so I might fill the car with fuel and head into the mountains. Are you doing anything special? toni xx


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  1. Its a fantastic quilt – so glad it didn’t end up in the bin! Enjoy some mountain time – sounds a great idea… Illl work on Hubz for tomorrow

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