A book question.

Hi everyone,

I received an email this morning, from a very lovely customer, asking me a question that took me by surprise. After thinking about it over coffee, I thought I would pop on here and write a quick post about it.

Edit – there as been some misunderstanding. I’m not making fun of, neither am I angry at, the customer in question, she was well within her rights to ask. I’m shocked that the industry is doing this to the extent it is and I wanted to reassure you all that everything in the book is new. It didn’t occur to me to tell you that the designs in the book are new. I’m grateful she contacted me. It’s so hard to add nuance to a written blog post. toni xx

The question I was asked is whether the projects in the book are new, or whether I have used patterns already available from my Etsy store to bulk it out. I will admit to being very surprised at the question, gobsmacked more like.

I did not know that this was a thing. Of course I knew it happened in the magazine industry, it’s one of the reasons I don’t do much magazine work anymore, but to recycle already released patterns in a ‘real’ book seems wrong and somehow dishonest to me. I would never do that.

All 20 projects in the book are new and have never been published before. There are a further (2) free patterns that will be released by F+W Media (via Fons and Porter) online when the release date gets closer.

I do my best to create affordable, value-for-money, fun patterns. Surprisingly this has always been detrimental to my business (within the mainstream industry). Yes, I need to make a living, but I won’t do that by ripping off the customers who have become my extended family.

What you get with Red Boots is me, warts and all, a human being not a profit driven brand.

toni xx


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  1. Unfortunately I have seen patterns in books that have been released elsewhere previously. I agree with you that it isn’t right. I’m looking forward to your book. I love the monsters.

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