Glorious Easter.

Howdy everyone,

Can you believe it’s Easter already? This is my favourite holiday of the year, there is absolutely no pressure and I love it. No presents to wrap, no holiday expectations to fulfil, just a glorious four-day weekend to do what we want to do.

I’ll be binding the Wild Wild West quilt and the Desert Daisies quilt and getting the patterns ready for publication early next week. Both quilts just arrived back from the lovely Fiona’s house and she has done a fantastic job as usual.


It’s been an interesting week here at Red Boots. A relatively routine dentist visit turned into an expensive disaster. I went in looking normal and came out looking like Dwayne Dibbley! (ref. Red Dwarf TV series). I had to see a cosmetic dentist to fix the mess my now ex-dentist made.

dwayne dibbley 2
The normally gorgeous Danny John Jules :o>

Kelly has been unwell with a flu-like virus that sent her temperature sky-rocketing, and the clutch on my little car has given up the ghost and is demanding an expensive fix-it job. All in all it’s been an expensive, toothy, tissue laden week. Thank goodness it’s Easter is all I can say :oD

sewing corner

As promised I have been pulling quilts out of storage to sell. Some of the quilts are ex-samples and may have a small amount of fading from being displayed in-store. I’ll go through them all this weekend and list them on my Facebook page at bargain basement prices over the coming week/s.

Take care everyone, I’m getting all sleepy and such. I think I’ll make a cuppa, open the blinds so I can watch the rainbow lorikeets fight over the nectar in the trees, and have a well deserved nap! I’ll miss this view when we move, and so will the kitty cats! toni xx

parrot 1


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  1. hello dwayne dibbley – hope you are feeling ok with all that… oh gosh you worded the reasons for relaxing over easter so well – I do agree with all that…. and of course hot cross buns and maybe a bit of chocolate!!

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