Hey, I’m trending…

I love it when I wake up in the morning to find that someone, somewhere in the world has blogged or talked about one of my patterns and I started getting messages in my inbox.

Scrappy Cats is trending today.

scrappy cats 840

It’s one of my older patterns, a favourite with me and my kitties. Remzoar actually gets quite angry if anyone touches it – it is his! LOL

Can you believe school goes back this week? This mama is NOT looking forward to school lunches, drop offs and pick ups, and the dreaded school uniform nonsense that we cling on to here in Australia. The kids at our school get detention if their shoelaces are not officially approved by the ‘dress code’. One day we’ll grow up and realise that it doesn’t matter.

Have a great Monday everyone, toni xx


7 thoughts on “Hey, I’m trending…

  1. It is always a real buzz when you get feedback from one of your patterns. You so deserve it. You pussy cats are gorgeous.

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