Howdy Partner.

Hi guys, happy Toni is back *giggle*. One of the revolting side effects of this auto-immune thing is a weird down in the dumps, woe-is-me mood, that comes out of the blue and sidelines me. It usually disappears as quickly as it arrives, but the few days in between make me a miserable git to live with.

I get so angry with myself, I should recognise the symptoms of a flare up, they are so obvious, but more often than not I miss them. Doc Brown had to remind me last week that this can and will kill me if I don’t get it under control. Eeeek!

kingfisher 1


I’ve given myself permission to take it easy, put the book editing aside despite contractual deadlines, and spend some time doing what I love – creating. Stress is my biggest enemy and damn I’ve been stressed lately! So instead of editing I’ve been working on new and wonderful projects this week – the cowboy quilt that I’ve been planning on making for two years is now well under way. It feels good to draw, and fuse, and sew.

kingfisher 3


Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! Tomorrow I’m going to visit the art shop to buy some new paints, then I’m heading to Peppermint Stitches to buy some new fabric, then I’m calling past the print shop to print out the new book manuscript, and then I’m going to spend two days editing the crap out that book so I can be done with it LOL.

Ps. The wonderful photos of the Sacred Kingfisher, who was visiting our yard and eating grasshoppers, were taken by Kelly. If you look closely he has cobwebs stuck to his beak and face.

kingfisher 2







5 thoughts on “Howdy Partner.

  1. Good to hear you’re feeling better. Welcome back. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.

  2. That eternal dilemma…ignore the body to get stuff done, to lessen the stress OR give yourself a rest in the hope that you get fighting fit and can finish the jobs that are stressing you out quicker….sigh….ps. love the kingfisher!

  3. one way to look after your self is give the ginger lots of cuddles always helps me given my ginger a cuddle. take care

  4. I have made several of your patterns and I love them. Keep doing what you love, BUT, take good care of yourself!

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