Ohhh Christmas tree…

Hello hello? is there anyone out there?

Cyber-space is so quiet at the moment. It’s totally understandable considering the time of year, but boy are things quiet.

Are you ready for Christmas?

I’ve been more than slack this year. I’ve made several lists, looked at them twice, and then ignored them.

The pantry contains half a box of Weet-Bix (shredded wheat), chocolate chips (for cookies), and tea bags. Mmmm, want to come to our house for Christmas lunch?! *giggle*

I used to be a paragon of seasonal virtue at Christmas time. Presents bought and wrapped in July, handmade paper, party hats and crackers.

Who could forget the year my Santa pinata had to be cracked using a hammer and axe because the glue I used was too strong!

I probably traumatised several wee kiddies by turning Santa into something out of a horror movie – thwack goes the axe! I always picture Jack Nicolson from The Shining when I think of that particular pinata.

Santa used to come and leave snowy footprints throughout the house and make himself sick on sugar cookies and milk.

I always thought Rudolph and his gang got the rough end of the stick with carrots. They need the sugar boost to haul Santa’s backside all the way from the North Pole to sunny Australia and back. Santa should’ve got the carrots!

I wonder if Santa takes his coat off when he gets to Australia. Does he get changed in the sleigh or does he stop at a road-stop and change into summer shorts and thongs (flip-flops)? 

We are stuck in that strange transition period between having young children and adult children. Old traditions don’t fit anymore, but new ones haven’t been made yet. It’s really quite weird, and slightly disorientating.

In the meantime does anyone have a really good recipe for Weet-Bix and chocolate chips? Something that can accompany a good cup of tea?

toni xx


7 thoughts on “Ohhh Christmas tree…

  1. Not sure what a weet bit is…but quiet here as well. With a sick hubby and no young’uns we will have grilled burgers which really is a treat for us. Merry Christmas!

  2. I’ve been slack too… thank goodness for Debs staying here with a littly as she has been doing all the busy bits and leaving me to play!!

  3. Christmas is so different when you have small children! The fun and excitement is palpable. Once they’ve been enlightened, it’s not so fun and more of a family gathering. Plus I have no idea about Aussies’ absolute obsession with mountains of food on Christmas day! Most of us eat well the majority of the year so it shouldn’t really be a priority.

  4. I think that you could melt the chips (just put them outside) and then roll the Weet-Bix in the melted chips, stick them in your fridge…next to the sun tea that you made while melting the chips (ha, ha)…then sit back and enjoy the choc-Weet-Bix with a good glass of iced tea 🙂 Hope you have a good one! -Love!

    1. Katie’s comment was mine exactly. Yum! Here in Florida it’s in the 80’s which is awful for Christmas. It needs to be COLD!!

  5. LOL no sorry Toni I don’t have a recipe for you… We are having a very quiet Christmas as we also don’t have wee ones. The big ones are away this year…wishing you a Lovely Christmas Day.

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