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Hi y’all,

With Christmas almost upon us I would rather be making cookies and wrapping presents than writing this post, but it’s something I really need to do.

When you purchase a PDF pattern, also known as a digital pattern or e-pattern, you don’t receive any printed matter in the post. This type of pattern is purchased as a download which is saved directly to your computer.

You will need to print out the applique templates to be able to make the project. This means you will need access to a printer, whether it be your own, a friends, or perhaps one at the local library or print-shop.

This also means, depending on the design, you may have to print a lot of pages.

This is why PDF patterns are cheaper than paper (printed) patterns. You do all the printing yourself.

In most instances (other designers included) this a good deal and you will save money doing so. You also save money on postage and have instant access to the pattern.

If you are unwilling to print a lot of templates, please look closely at the design before you purchase the pattern. The Northern Exposure pattern for example has only two or three pages of templates to print. You can see this by looking at the design – it has a repetitive applique pattern, all the moose and flowers are the same. This works out at roughly 30 cents worth of printing (average 10c per page).

However, a quilt like Christmas at Santa’s House will have more templates to print. There are multiple characters and lots of applique – this would be about $1  (eg. 10 pages at 10c per page).

As you can see it’s still value for money. Even if you printed out the whole pattern, front page and all, most printing costs would come in under $2.

I am always willing to send a printed version of the pattern to your home address. Most patterns come with that option. At present I am charging AU$12.50 for a printed pattern. Everything is printed for you, ready to go.

When it comes to free patterns please do not complain to me about having to print the templates. I’ve spent an hour trying to word this bit nicely and have decided there is no possible way to do so. The pattern was free. Printing costs are not.

Happy Christmas everyone, toni xx


9 thoughts on “PDF vs. Printed

  1. oh my goodness… you must just laugh at those requests.. they are daft! I’ve just made up the apron – a freebie from you… thank you … I love it…x

  2. I love you and your patterns – I have always purchased the PDF versions, I like to control what kinds of paper I have hanging around! My computer has (basically) unlimited storage, my house does not! I print what I need and save the rest. People are stupid if they think that the cheaper option comes with *you* doing all the bells and whistles for them! Hugs on the day and season…And as my father would say: Don’t let the turkeys get you down!

  3. Seriously! Some just need to complain about something.

    You did a great job on the post, you made it nice and maybe even deserve a cookie be it store bought.

    Merry Christmas! !

  4. I love your site I don’t think I will ever understand some peoples way of thinking .thank you so much for all the patterns free or PDFs, I for one really appreciate them.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family .

  5. I appreciate your freebies!!! And anyone who complains is a dropkick lol. I like being able to print patterns myself plus I can resize them as needed.

  6. wow iam sorry to hear this. I have brought both and yes you either print a few pages or 6 or more. are people that silly polite way of both this. have a amazing Christmas with the furry ginger and your family and don’t worry about those people.

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