The price of theft (pattern piracy).

Hi y’all,

I’m feeling a little whacked this week. More than a year of working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day has taken it’s toll. I’m sore, dead-tired and a little depressed.

My little shop has been struggling to make sales lately and to be very frank it pisses me off. I recently managed to get my hands on some stats from a popular ‘free pattern download’ website. My patterns were illegally downloaded 22,000 times last financial year just from this one site.

The math on that is staggering. That’s $143,000 worth of stolen patterns. If these people had paid for one 10th of them I wouldn’t be so worried about having to close my shop and get a job that allows me to feed my family.

Why is there a need to steal a pattern that costs only $6.50? It’s a fraction of what is being spent on fabric and notions. Why do people hate designers with a hot hate that makes them go out of their way, purposefully, to steal their livelihood? I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why these people need to brag about getting ‘one up’ on designers. Why?

I wish I could point a finger at this site and tell you it’s located in some far off country, one where copyright is lax and is frequently dismissed with a wave of the hand. But this website/group is based in the US, and the majority of these 22,000 illegally downloaded patterns were downloaded by Australians and Americans.

I’ve got to ask myself is it worth it. xx


10 thoughts on “The price of theft (pattern piracy).

  1. Those sites show up in the Facebook feed and for everyone that clicks on it, it shows up more. I truly don’t think that most folks even think about it…the site says free and so they click away. Contact Riley Blake Fabrics, as they are fighting Facebook over this very issue.

  2. Hello Toni,

    That is disgusting, wouldn’t even know where to look for illegal downloads, that is why I have a love hate relationship with the internet. There are always the goodies and the badies but with so many badies it makes you wonder if they show of there finished item on the net. I thought the Americans were very strict when it came to copyright as I have purchased cross stitch patterns and it says that you can’t even photocopy the original on some of them.

    Happy days.

  3. Sorry to hear this.. imagine how much it would cost to prosecute..? Maybe the govm’t agency will consider it *internet crime* that it is!

  4. That is horrible!!!! I just discovered your shop today, and love your fun folksy quilts. I hope you don’t really have to shut it down. I am so sad for you. Why are people so selfish?!?!?

  5. I can’t understand it – don’t they realise there will be no designers left if they keep this up!

  6. Its depressing as you even offer free patterns here – I dont get how people can see its illegal and dont think about how much it costs you the designer

  7. It is hard to understand. People keep asking me why I don’t have a business to sell my patterns! Your book should give your business a huge boost.

  8. Antonie, that is totally disgusting and in my books, even if the culprits believed that the patterns were genuinely free, they should all be named and shamed. If you do close your shop, I hope you dont stop designing. I love every one and own every pattern you have. Although I prefer pdf’s purely for storage reasons, I happily buy paper patterns if there is no other option. There has to be some way of closing down the site, especially as the US are really strict on copy rights. I hope you get things sorted and get some well deserved rest. I am not very patiently waiting for your book to make an appearance.

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