An easy trick for making your blanket stitch perfect….

I’m currently writing the ‘how to’ section for the book. I’m in two minds about it. It’s very tedious work – how many times can you explain blanket stitch? but I’m also enjoying it. Weird.

Part of my contractual obligation for this book is to try to bump up reviews on Amazon (when it’s released). I spent a few hours earlier this week checking out reviews. OMG are these people for real? So many reviews were mind-boggling stupid.

“There are only Christmas projects… one star review” on a book that is clearly titled and described as a Christmas book.

“There is too much applique..” one star review” on a book that is clearly titled and described as “the bumper book of all things applique”

“There are too many cats and dogs… one star review” on a book that is clearly titled and described as being all about cats and dogs.

I think the one that pushed me over the edge into insanity was the one star review given to a book because the buyer didn’t like the green fabric the author used in one of her projects. From memory she tried to return the book because the green fabric was offensive to her ROFLOL.

Eeeek! Note to self – if you want to retain your self-esteem, or cling to that last remaining shred of sanity, stay away from the reviews! There be monsters down that rabbit hole!

In a cruel end to this post, there is only one way to make your blanket stitch perfect and no amount of YouTube tutorials will help. You’re not going to like it. It’s what your mother always said to you about piano lessons…


I know, I know… you hate me. Have a lovely Wednesday, go practice, toni xx


5 thoughts on “An easy trick for making your blanket stitch perfect….

  1. OMG next thing, someone will complain that everything in a patchwork book is made of too much fabric!!

    Toni when we’ve all gone & bought your book, we will be sure to leave PROPER reviews for it, not pathetic unhelpful rubbish.

  2. More of us need to post positive reviews! As to your advice on improving blanket stitch … I would think that would apply to BACKSTITCH too, don’t you think?!?!? Tee! Hee! Hee! Happy instruction writing! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  3. I never read the reviews on a book! I buy most of mine online but make up my own mind and disregard any reviews totally lol. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fans, me included, who can leave some great reviews for you! When is the release date again?

  4. I think that it is the people who aren’t satisfied who are compelled to write these reviews. Those who are satisfied get on with their lives, they are busy reading their book. I don’t like buying books online because you really only have the reviews written by dissatisfied people to go by. I would rather pick up a book in a shop and look through it and make up my own mind.

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