Friday Night Ramblings…

I just had a marvellous hot shower, I feel clean and smell wonderful (thanks to the Lush products I pilfered from my daughter’s smelly-stuff-stash). I was totally not hiding from the dish-washing that was going on in the kitchen, truly I wasn’t. While I was in the shower I wrote a terrific blog post, it was informative and funny, a snap-shot of the craziness that is our life at the moment.

And now I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to write.

My mind is blank, the page is staring at me accusingly, reminding me that I’ve finally lost the plot and need some sleep. Of course it could be the after effects of our neighbour’s two day pot-party. The second-hand smoke has been wafting through the house since Wednesday night and I have been feeling rather hungry…

I will ramble instead.

I did a quick tally of the blocks I have made (for the book) over the past six months. So far the total stands at 266 appliqued blocks, 106 pieced blocks and 15 softies. Eeeeek! With six or seven weeks to go until the final deadline I have hit the panic button and changed into top gear.

I need to say a quick but heartfelt thank you to Fiona and Kris who have kept me on track and have saved my quilty-backside more than once. I will do a proper, gushing, I-love-you-both post when the projects and manuscript are finally winging their way to the US. A proper thank you when I can think like a normal person again. Right now I can only hug. Words escape me.

My lovely, but cantankerous Janome has been struggling with the blanket-stitch option. Sense prevailed and I realised that I could never meet the deadline if I continued to hand-stitch the applique, but Miss Janome hates blanket-stitch with a passion. She starts out behaving, then the blanket-stitch slowly turns into a zig-zag stitch and by the end of the applique I swear she is sewing figure-of-eights! I’m going to buy some tear-away stabiliser tomorrow and see if that helps, otherwise I may resort to threats… things like ‘I’ll replace you with a Husqvarna if you don’t behave!’, you know the stuff.

Writing this book has been detrimental to my waistline. I’ve eaten more takeaway in the past six months than I have in the past six years. Yuck, but needs must. Three of us are currently working towards ever-looming deadlines and there hasn’t been time for much real food. My eldest daughter is working on her second animation degree (she is an artist/illustrator/film animator) and my son is an author (currently working on his literature degree). The collective bags under our eyes could hold the entire gold depository of Fort Knox. We have all agreed to sleep for a week when it’s over LOL.

And that’s about all my brain can handle tonight. It’s so completely blank, devoid of anything that isn’t fabric, thread and deadline involved. It’s quite scary to be this tired, this forgetful, this blank. I have a large, slightly fat, ginger kitty asleep beside me and I think I will have a bedtime cuppa and join him in dreamland. I wonder what kitties dream of? I keep dreaming that I’m giving birth. It’s enough to make any middle aged woman break out in a cold sweat! I’m sure my subconscious is trying to tell me something LOL.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is celebrating this weekend. I don’t want any gifts, but have requested real food, maybe a lamb roast with vegetables. I think I remember vegetables. I have the only children in Australia who don’t like lamb, so it’s always a treat.

Oh my brain remembered two things. Duh. Pop on over to Julie’s blog and say hello. Dungog, the town where she lives, was washed away in the floods in NSW a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been having wild weather in Australia recently. First NSW then SE QLD (where we live) took a battering last week. Five people died in neighbouring suburbs in flood water. Scary stuff.

Also the lovely Jane has released her new book Desert to Sea on Amazon. Congratulations Jane! xx

Right, that’s me done. Cuppa, some sleep and a fresh day tomorrow with a racing car quilt. Have a wonderful weekend, toni xx

* NSW = New South Wales.

* SE QLD = South East Queensland


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Ramblings…

  1. i loved your rambling post…. I hope you have recovered from your neighbour enforced high…. now get back to work!!!

  2. Hi Toni – oh you poor thing – it all sounds worse that having a new baby!
    I’m sure that the success of the book will be a satisfactory reward for your hard work.

  3. Hello Crazy Person! :0) I remember that dream-like state that occurrs from overwork, deadlines looming and lack of sleep from my last year of uni … if we had a deadline to publish a paper by, we just didn’t sleep til it was done! My friends used to tell me that it was at that point that I became incredibly funny … though usually inadvertently!! :0) Happy to help your book endeavours … though slightly alarmed by your cereal munching, coffee swilling ways! Tee! hee! Hee! Remember … just keep stitching!! Bear Hugs! KRIS
    PS Maybe joining the neighbours would help you get a good night’s sleep! :0)

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