On the Menu. Fresh Ginger Kitty. Yum.

Remy was very nearly lunch.  This guy is huge, his body is the size of a man’s bicep. Can you see the mosquitoes on his face? They are engorged on snake blood! Yuck. Photo credits to Kelly (my 14 year old daughter). Still want to visit Australia? :0>>>

snake with mozziessnake 5 snake 7snake 4


5 thoughts on “On the Menu. Fresh Ginger Kitty. Yum.

  1. Nice photos of a beautiful snake! We don’t have snakes that large around here, but we do have some venomous ones and I worry about our kitties…we tend to keep them inside and away from the pretty birdies, too 🙂 I prefer to feed our birds and our cats, but not the birds *to* the cats 🙂 Glad little Remmy is OK.

  2. Brilliant photos! I’m even scared of the gentle (and thin) tree snakes that live in my yard…I’d be apoplectic if I knew a python was in our yard!! Lol

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