Vintage Red.

Hello hello! It’s late Sunday night, the cicadas are singing and the humidity is making the air warm and sticky. It has been a long week here at Red Boots. The days and nights have been filled with drama (other people’s), and heavy, deadline inspired workloads. Our usually quiet suburban street has been the scene of multiple police and ambulance call-outs, resulting in several almost-no-sleep-at-all nights.


Have you seen the new Pantone Colour of the Year? Dried Blood Red… Marsala. I find it ironic that I have a garbage bag full of old, ugly red fabrics that I couldn’t giveaway; and all of a sudden, thanks to the very clever marketing department at Pantone, it’s highly desirable and people are clambering for ‘vintage marsala quilting fabric’ :0D

What do you think of the new ‘colour of the year’ and do you bother with this kind of thing? The hype and hysteria surrounding the announcement each year always makes me laugh at how easily we are all manipulated by clever marketing. Are you going to make a marsala inspired quilt or project?


I’ve been working overtime getting the projects for the book stitched and ready to be sent off to the US in time to meet the second deadline. I’m being slowed down a little by the hole in my shoulder where the Doc removed a skin cancer this week. Curse the searing hot Australian sun, a childhood spent at the beach and on boats, and a doctor who recommended a slight, regular sunburn to control teenage acne!

I’m paying for those sunscreen free (it just wasn’t available) years with regular trips to the butcher’s block and wrinkles that would make an elephants bottom proud! Oooh every time you think of me now you are going to imagine a wrinkly elephant’s bum aren’t you!


Remy-the-Lion has been getting his sleepy, furry butt in the way of me completing any projects too. All quilts in this house belong to him, finished or otherwise. I hope I can find the lint roller tomorrow, he’s shedding that thick furry coat everywhere. Wouldn’t you love to have those green eyes!?

Well I’m going to log-off and wind down a little before I crawl into bed and pray for a peaceful neighbourhood night. It’s just started pelting with rain, a beautiful end to a steamy hot subtropical night, and the perfect way to finish this post. Have a lovely day, or night, wherever you may be. toni xx


4 thoughts on “Vintage Red.

  1. Oh so I can call my little rice burner car colour Marsala now instead of Burgundy, as I’m not keen on Maroon? Maybe I’ll call it plum wine instead or cherry liqueur….just to be different ;).

  2. Think in my day that was called “burgundy” and it was a colour that I owned a heap of. Saw a dress in it when shopping with my daughter, and thought it must be on its way back in!

  3. Oh my! What was going on in your neighborhood!? Sounds awful! Hope you got some well deserved rest.

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