The VATman Cometh…

Well here it is everyone, the 31st of December and as of tomorrow the new EU Digital Vat laws will take effect.

Quite frankly I cannot deal with the added administrative burden. It’s simply not workable for my small kitchen table business.

I was planning on writing an eloquent blog post about this mess, but I’ve been sitting at the computer for seven hours straight and I’m sore and stiff; and more than a little stressed and emotional. I’ve changed my website over to manual delivery of PDF files, this is a workaround for the UK at least. This has left the website in a bit of a mess but at least it’s functioning for the time being.

Unfortunately this penalises the rest of the world. None of you will be able to access instant downloads. I’m hoping, and praying a little, that this doesn’t destroy my business. Estimates show that I will lose half my income, and I’m not sure I can take the loss.

Most of us are sitting back and waiting to see what the EU’s next move is. There should be a review in February, 2015. Perhaps they will see sense and introduce thresholds for micro-businesses.

Of course things will move forward, as they always do. In time I will be able to find a platform that takes care of the VAT for me, but until then I have a book to write and I’m very much behind on my deadlines because of this mess. As soon as I find a platform that can sort this out for me, I’ll let you know and get things back to instant download!

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Happy New Year’s Eve and all that kind of stuff. toni xx