May the floss be with you…

I was just reading Melly & Me’s Facebook page, and one of the girls shared a piccy of her messy floss box.

Well I’m raising the stakes. This is my floss box. Oh the horror. It’s at least six inches deep and 18in wide, and every single thread is a tangled mess.

It’s so bad that I don’t even find the skein anymore, I located the colour thread I want, pull like crazy, and if necessary snip both ends to get a piece long enough to stitch with *giggle*.

[I told you it was bad Kris! *giggle*]


One day I will bin the lot and start again, but I hate waste LOL. Until then the pull and snip method stays :0D

I can’t be the only messy thread offender out there, am I? Confess your sins (or your Sainthood) and share a piccy on the Red Boots Facebook page. I may even award a prize or two LOL.

toni xx


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