Hello Hello.

Hello everyone, can it really be Friday already? The week has flown by and I find myself wishing I could make time stand still for just a little while.

There is so much happening here at Red Boots. Did any of you notice the business name change come through? I still have the rights to The Red Boot Quilt Company but there have been a few problems with a business that has a very similar name, so last month I successfully applied for the new business name “Me and My Red Boots”. The new business name will slowly replace the old one as we find the time to update everything.

little brown bear

Have you ever sewn with 100% wool felt? OMG. Seriously Oh My God. After years of only being able to buy synthetic or lower quality wool felt I got my little sticky fingers on some of the good stuff. A chorus of angels sang! This stuff is amazing, it sews beautifully and completely and utterly outdoes cotton in the softie making stakes.

little bear dress 1

I purchased mine from an Aussie store called “Two Blue Birdies“. They have a fantastic range of colours and the felt is truly splendid. Don’t you love the word “splendid”, it makes me feel like saying “splendid old bean” *giggle*. I’ve been watching far too many British TV series while stitching lately *giggle*.


Expect to pay more for the good quality felt, it is expensive, but it’s worth saving your pocket-money to buy it. It makes a huge difference to the finished softie, you get smooth seams, it’s easier to stuff, the depth of colour is simply splendid, and the finished product looks amazing! I’m hoping to stock this felt sometime (early) next year.

kit sitting

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on the first project for the book. The Book – eeeeeek! One project down and only 19 to go :0]

I’ve also been working on the Little Brown Bears, and Kit & Holly the Reindeer. The Little Bears pattern will replace all current bear patterns, and Kit & Holly will replace the Rudy’s Gang pattern. I wanted to have them finished and uploaded tonight but despite stitching ’til midnight all week I ran out of time. I’m hoping early next week.

I’ve drawn the winners for the September Birthday Club. The $25 e-gift voucher goes to Cora Brown, and the extra winners (to celebrate Spud’s birthday) are Christin Mueller and Dorothy Holt. Congratulations! I’ll be in touch shortly. You can sign up for the Birthday Club by following this link. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the ‘name the bear’ competition last week, and for your patience waiting for the draw :0] I will draw the winner’s later tonight and let you know who won a copy of the new pattern.

Well I’ve run out of steam and I’m starving. I’ve had a shoulder of pork in the oven for the past four and a half hours, the smell is wonderful and the pork should fall off the bone when it’s done. I marinaded it in maple syrup and herbs and spices. Yummy! Have a wonderful weekend everyone, toni xx


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  1. you are lucky I don’t live closer to Brissie… I would have eaten most of that pork I think? All the Best to you and your red boots…. and I love your new wool stuffies…

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