Little Brown Bear.

It’s super busy here at Red Boots. There are big changes coming. Lots of old patterns are being retired, and they will be replaced with newbies or updated versions.

little brown bear

Little Brown Bear (and his soon-to-be Sister) will be keeping me company along the way. Sewing with 100% wool felt makes such a big difference to the finished softie. Oh how I love it.

little brown bear 2

The Little Brown Bears (pattern) will come with removable clothing, and as always, will be easy to sew. At this point I think it will be ready mid-next week.

The first project for the book is half-way done *yay* and I might be able to show you some sneaky peaks soon. It has been a marathon stitching session. One down only 19 projects to go! *insert slightly mad, panicky giggle here*

Thank you everyone for volunteering to test and proof read patterns. I very much appreciate it. If I haven’t replied to your email, please accept my apologies. I received so many emails about testing the patterns that I simply lost track of the ones I replied to. Never fear your name has been added to my database and I’ll be in contact when I have everything ready to go.

Happy Thursday, toni xx


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  1. Exciting times. Don’t forget to breathe. I’m here (well not really, I’m in New Zealand but you know what I mean) if you need to try anything out on me.

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