Pattern testers and sample makers wanted.

Hello everyone!

Have you ever thought of becoming a pattern tester? I’m looking for some lovely people to test out my patterns and to make some quilts, softies and stitcheries for me. Pattern testers are an important part of the design process, they proof read instructions, suggest the necessary tweaks to the instructions to make them more user friendly, and they usually make a sample of the design.

There’s a catch. There always is, isn’t there? :0] Most indie (small independent) designers like me just don’t have the necessary funds to pay testers for their time. And I’m firmly in that bracket.

How about I list what I need and what I can do to reimburse you for your time.  Pattern testers can live anywhere in the world. I can email the pattern to you as a PDF and postage won’t be a problem. But sample makers must live in Australia. The cost of posting materials and finished projects back and forth between countries could bankrupt the average quilter.

Also I am a cat owner; and with cats come cat hair. I cannot control my kitties (short) fur. It is an entity in itself. Having said that I would not allow my cats to sleep, sit or play on your sample projects. I would also use a lint/fur remover to remove any stray hairs before I sent the project back to you. But cat hair is cat hair. If you have an allergy to cats or worse, hate cats and their furry ways, please don’t apply to be a sample maker!

This is what I need –

Pattern testers. You would be required to proof read the pattern for spelling and/or grammatical errors, suggest any tweaks to the pattern, and make a sample of the design. This is a unpaid job. I would provide you with the preliminary pattern instructions and it would be up to you to provide all materials and time to make the design.

I would send you a free copy of the finalised pattern when it is published and a small gift of fabric and chocolate as a thank you. You would also receive a copy of each new pattern as it is released, whether you tested it or not, for the duration of your time with me.

I would also ask that the pattern tester send me a photo when they finish a sample. The time frame I would be looking at is approx. two weeks to test/make a softie and two to four weeks for an average sized quilt. Large or complex projects could be negotiated regarding time.

Sample makers (Australian residents only). I have an enormous backlog of work I want, and need, to do. I sold most of my quilts and softies to fund a trip away for my youngest daughter. I should have had them photographed professionally before I did but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I need some of my older patterns remade and some new patterns put together into quilts and softies. This is an unpaid job.

I would send you the preliminary pattern, the materials for the quilt top, the binding and the batting (wadding) only. You would provide the backing fabric, the thread and the necessary notions to complete the quilt including fusible webbing. In the case of a softie pattern I would provide the preliminary pattern and the fabric. The stuffing and general notions necessary to complete the softie would be left up to you.

The sample would be made in my choice of colours and the fabrics provided may be scraps from my stash. See the note about cat hair.

I would require you to mail the quilt or softie to me so I could photograph it. Once it is photographed I would send the project back to you to keep. It would belong to you.  The time frame I would be looking at is approx. two weeks to test/make a softie and two to four weeks for an average sized quilt. Large or complex projects could be negotiated regarding time.

I do ask that the pattern tester/sample maker keep my designs to themselves until the official release on my blog, Facebook or website. You can then post about the project and share pictures of what you have made wherever you like. Please link back to my site for the pattern. The sample project would of course belong to you.

When I need something tested or made I will send out an email to all the pattern testers and sample makers who have joined my band of merry men with an outline of the new design or sample I need made. You can then contact me (only) if you are able to make the project in the time frame necessary.

You may only want to test out one or two of my designs when you have the time, or you may want to test out all of them. It’s up to you.

As far as sewing experience goes, I prefer if you have a decent set of sewing/quilting skills. I don’t mean you have to be an advanced quilter who can appliqué, cook and babysit simultaneously, but I do need you to be able to think on your feet. I need you to be able to work through any errors and have the confidence to tell me where something doesn’t work or the instructions don’t make sense.

If you are making a sample for photography, I need the project to be well made and the borders reasonably flat.

If you would like to sign up to be a pattern tester or sample maker, please email me at and let me know. Please only email me if you are serious about doing the work. If you have a blog I would love to see it.  I’ll then email you about my latest design and if you’re interested I’ll send you the pattern and you can start sewing!

Please feel free to share this and pass it on to anyone you think might be interested!

Thank heaps, and I hope to hear from you soon! toni xx

Ps. A big thank you to Jody Herbert of Jody’s Crafty Creations who let me plagiarize her pattern testing post.  I’ll be putting up some piccies of Jody’s fabulous designs later this week. xx


7 thoughts on “Pattern testers and sample makers wanted.

  1. Hi Toni, I just tried to send a message and when WordPress got me to sign in, my message disappeared and I don’t know if it posted or not now lol I’m in The Riverland, Sth Aust and am happy to do both for you….I am a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, so believe I should be able to do a good job on samples, and I do love testing patterns out as well. I hope you still have a need for both.


  2. I could’ve sworn I’d signed up for both….but I can’t see my reply anywhere…am in Australia (The Riverland) and am happy to test for you. I’ve been a bit quiet lately in the craft department, and this could be what I need to give me a kick in the butt and get sewing again….lol.


  3. I would love to be a pattern tester if you still need one! I LOVE sewing, I sew every day. I came across this page through facebook.

  4. Hi!

    I’d love to be a pattern tester! Actually I could be either but I think my experience as a beta tester for computer programs and editor for academic works would probably be better suited. I can send you some pics of some of my projects if you like.

    I am in Ballarat, Victoria.

    Best wishes,

    Sent from Nicole’s iPad


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