Northern Exposure.

It’s Four Dollar Friday everyone and I’m going to be really, really nice and let you have Northern Exposure for four bucks this weekend :0>>  You can find it at the usual place here, PDF pattern only.  I seem to have been working on this quilt for so long, it feels strange for it to be completed and on Chris’ bed.

moose onenorthern-exposure-medium


































You can also get the Maurice the Moose PDF softie pattern for $2.50 this weekend.

wee beastie moose small

And because Rudolph is feeling particularly jealous, I’ve put Rudy and his gang of recalcitrant reindeer up for $4 too.  PDF only.

Have some fun and fill your house this Christmas. They are perfect accompanied with some chocolates or candy canes for teacher’s presents!  Try making the antlers from felt rather than fabric, they are much easier to stuff and turn.

reindeer 1


I’m going to do a massive clean-up this weekend, my sewing area has been reduced to a fabric pit.  The floor, walls, ceiling fan and table are covered in the flotsam and jetsam that comes with a flurry of sewing.  I’m actually a bit ashamed of the mess ;0]

I shouldn’t leave my blog posts until last thing at night, I can never remember the things I thought of telling you during the day LOL.

I know I wanted to show you something about blanket stitching.  Let me have a think, I’m getting old and creaky you know, sometimes my memory isn’t what it should be.  Or maybe it’s because I’m having a Friday night bourbon while I’m writing this ;0>>>

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you love Northern Exposure as much as I do.  toni xx


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