An issue of ethical privacy.

Kelly (Miss 14) and I were driving home yesterday, singing out loud and out of key to our favourite songs, laughing and generally being silly; when I noticed that the guy in the car beside us had a camera mounted to his rear view mirror.  And he angled it towards us.

At what point as a society do we step up to the plate and say no, this isn’t right.  You don’t have the right to film me.  What is he planning on doing with his film?  Are we going to be humiliated on the internet simply because we were having a great time singing and laughing together.

Will our moment of mother-daughter fun be turned into a meme to be shared on Facebook for all to laugh at?  Will it turn up on everybody’s favourite trash TV channel labelled ‘Funniest Middle Aged Drivers’?

It’s time for the law to catch up with the tech.  It’s time society said no.

toni xx




6 thoughts on “An issue of ethical privacy.

  1. Yep, that is definitely weird! Not right at all. It’s a shame that when we are having fun with our kids something like that happens.

  2. I would think if that person did anything with that video (or pictures as well) without your permission to post or do anything with them you would win in a lawsuit. You said your daughter was with you and if she was in that video with her being underage he would have to show a signed contract to any judge that you had given him/her permission. Sadly, unless you got that person’s license plate number it could be hard to prove that the driver of the car actually matches the person who posted it if it is posted online anywhere. Sadly though, for any of us who are not underage, we’re a target for any of that stuff. Have you seen the website that posts pictures of people shopping at WalMart dressed in all sorts of strange outfits or are not quite beauty queens or model sized? You can bet none of those people gave anyone permission to use their pictures. It’s sad to think you can’t even go out of your house anymore without seeing this type of thing.

  3. That is just weird! Why would someone even think of having a camera in the car like that and filming people. Sing out loud and don’t worry about the weirdos in the world.

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