Popcorn is yummy…

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And so are these popcorn buckets.  Aren’t they fantastic.


I was sitting in the car yesterday, gently dozing in the warm sun and waiting for Kate to supply us with hot caffeinated beverages, when I saw a woman walking across the car park with these spotty delights in her bag!  They had to come home with me  (I left the woman in the car park *giggle*).

There was once a time when I used to be the most organised woman in the city.  Seriously.  I used to get paid big bucks for my organisational skills.  Now I can’t find the caffeine in my coffee.  These delightful spotty buckets are to stick stuff in.  My drawing pens.  My threads.  My car keys.  Maybe even my glasses.

How could I possibly sit on my glasses if they are in a bright pink spotty bucket!  My optometrist will love me again.





4 thoughts on “Popcorn is yummy…

  1. Are you going to sit them somewhere or string them in a vertical or horizontal line? Just thinking a vertical hanging line of multicoloured spotty containers would look very impressive.

  2. This made me laugh! I do love to have a place for everything (not that you can tell if you walk into my house!) – your spotty buckets look fab too. PS I’m glad you didn’t abduct the woman in the car park!

  3. I love them. I would like some too but way too expensive to mail to Ohio USA. Please post a picture showing how you are going to use them.

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