A party of pandas in print…

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I wonder what a panda party would be like?  Quite laid back wouldn’t you think…  all duuuude this a gnarly party type stuff.  I can’t see them, lazy as they are portrayed, raving it up on the dance floor.  Perhaps it would be a little snobby, like a wine and cheese tasting, but with bamboo and tea?  Little panda pinkies sticking out as they drink their tea from delicate, pink (floral don’t you think) cups?


Down Under Quilts has published a piccy (not the pattern) of the Panda Party quilt as part of an article about animal quilts.  The write-up is a little odd as sometimes happens when the editors are writing a blurb from a questionnaire.  I’m very pleased that the super-talented and ever-so-lovely Fiona was credited with the quilting.

pandas down under quilts down under quilts

It looks very comedic in there amongst the serious (but beautiful) quilts.  It makes me giggle a little bit.  Party hard dudes, I like to think my pandas dance!

toni xx


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