Four Dollar Friday & 33% off PDF Pattern Bundles

Hi y’all,

How was your week?  Our was filled with tears and stress about mid-year school exams.  There have been late nights and early mornings, tears and fears, and some angry outbursts.  I’ve never pressured our children to get high grades, but they still get stressed.  This weekend will be spent helping Kelly write her much grumped about English assignment.  Oh the tears that have been spilt over this one!  And then there’s algebra…

Needless to say sewing has been put on hold this week and I’m feeling cranky and stressed because I’m so far behind.  The moose are still awaiting their borders, and despite the fabric for the foxes arriving this week I haven’t had a chance to unfold it much less cut it.  Cranky, grumpy, grumps!


This week’s Four Dollar Friday pattern is Boot ‘n’ Skoot, $4 for the PDF pattern and $8.50 for the printed pattern (including postage).  I’ve also put up a 33% off coupon for all PDF pattern bundles.  Simply use the code BUNDLES14 to get 33% off all PDF pattern bundles at the checkout.  You can find the details on the website here.


Remember to pop on over to Facebook to enter the Epic Giveaway of 67 assorted PDF Patterns.  You can find the details here.  Simply click on the “Rewards & Giveaways” tab at the top of the page to enter.


I’ve got to run, dinner is ready and I’m already in trouble for not eating lunch!  Love to all, toni xx