Four Dollar Friday with added Foxes.

Right.  Shoulders back, big girl panties on.

It’s Four Dollar Friday again and this week’s patterns are Puppy Love, The OK Corral, Starry Night Blues, and due to popular demand The Beary Bunch in  Blue and The Beary Bunch in Pink.  You can find them on the website here.  PDF patterns only.

puppy-love-360 the-ok-corral-360 starry-night-blues-360pxls the-beary-bunch-blue-360the-beary-bunch-pink-360

I have been doing some work.  Not a great deal of it, but depression does that to you.  We have moose, foxes and softies on the cutting table this week.



softie making

There are also Christmas trees, koalas, robots and cowboys.  I think I have too many on the go at once.  I’d be sewing a little faster but I’ve sat on two pairs of glasses recently, my primary pair and my backup pair.  They didn’t survive very well.  I could duct tape them to my head, I’m close to trying it *giggle* but a trip to the optometrist might be a better option.  Lesson to be learnt…  red glasses left on a red lounge equals broken glasses!

I owe you all a couple of Come Block with Me block instructions and some new giveaways.  I’m sorry I haven’t forgotten, but life got in the way.  Blech.

Take care everyone, have a fantastic weekend, toni xx


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  1. love the projects yoiu are working on…. I wish they made digital glasses… surely by now they could do that?

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