There is nothing like a teddy bear…

There is nothing as comforting as a teddy bear to keep you company when you try and rip your knee cap off your leg.  Klutz Toni strikes again! A simple slip when i was getting out of the car yesterday and i can no longer bend my knee. 



I’m propped up on the lounge with my leg stuck out stiff in front of me, sulking a little at my misfortune, and being kept warm and comfy under a teddy bear quilt :o)


It has been a seriously crappy week in the Alexander household and this is the icing on the cake.  My teddy bears and I are going into hibernation.  Wake me up when evil corporations and morally bankrupt politicians no longer exist.  I could be asleep for a long time.  Will Prince Charming kiss awake a middle aged quilter… with a gimpy leg???

toni xx


3 thoughts on “There is nothing like a teddy bear…

  1. Now all you need is a house slave…umm helper…to make you cups of warm beverages and plates of yummy food :). No use starving while in hibernation! Keep that wound clean, we don’t want to hear of complications :P.

  2. oh no… are you sure you didnt kick your hubz and hurt your knee???? I guess you were rushing to fit all the things that need to be fitted in to your day…. most accidents happen when we are rushing…. I have been bed bound with a cold… sleeping and sleeping…. but at least not in pain…
    take care and hug a bear…

  3. Hey Toni! Every situation can be improved by adding a teddybear … Or two or three … or more. :0) Oooooh! Poor gimpy knee! Having ‘done my knee’ by simply pivoting to get out of a bus seat to step into the isle … I feel your pain … Well … I did last year anyways. :0) Frozen peas, Voltarin emelgel (??) & my iPad were my friends that helped me get through … Oh … & the plethora of Teddies who live at our place of course. :0) Take care of yourself Ms Klutz. Bear Hugs! KRIS

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