Saturday Glitches + Other Stuff

So here it is, Saturday morning, and as usual I’m sleepy.  The sleep-creep has set in.  A month ago I would’ve said to you ‘I need to get to bed before midnight’.  Now it’s ‘I must get to bed before 1am’.  Kate tells me the shadows under my eyes are turning orange and purple.  Nice colours for a Halloween quilt but not my face *giggle*.

Obviously the only way to tackle this blog post, and to make some form of sense, is to be methodical about it.  Bullet points might help keep me focused.  Coffee sure hasn’t.

First up, there was a glitch with the website last night and some of you wouldn’t have received the download for the Very Berry pattern. I’m sorry this happened, I’ve reported it to my web host. I’ve gone through the orders and sent the pattern out via email. If you haven’t received your copy please message me and I’ll send it out asap.  Please keep in mind the time differences between Australia and the rest of the world.  xx

wash day

I’m working on multiple projects at the moment.  A little haphazardly I will admit.  At present there are robots, koalas, Christmas trees and cowboys pinned to the curtains (my design ‘wall’ LOL).  Whether that means I will end up with a quilt with robot-cowboy-koalas on it I don’t know!  I’m finding it hard to focus on one project but I’ll get there in the end.

I want to say a big thank you to the stores who stock my patterns and support Red Boots.  I have been meaning for a long time to put a list up on the blog and I’ve failed miserably at getting around to it.  It will happen I promise.  In the meantime I wanted to say a big thank you to the lovelies at The Sewing Bee Cafe who have been wonderful.  The girls have an ad in this month’s Homespun magazine and they used my Flower Fairies quilt in the photo *yay*.  Pop in and say hello to Sonia and the team on their FB page.

Also a super-big thank you to Kate from Sew Armadillo who has been a great supporter for many years.  You can find Sew Armadillo on FB here, pop on over and say hello to another quilting lovely.

flower fairiesPanda-Party

I was invited to join in the 55 Fox Fiasco project at the beginning of the year and I got an email last week saying that my turn was in July.  What does that mean? Well to be frank, I’m not sure except that I’m to provide a project that involves a fox :oD  There will be 55 fox related projects over the course of the year.  You can find more info at their website The 55 Fox Fiasco.  Stay tuned for this one.

Gosh, sleepiness has really kicked in and I will leave it here.  The kids are cooking pizza for lunch, the towels need hanging on the line if they are to dry by tonight and I really need a nap.  Happy Saturday everyone, toni xx


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  1. LOL, almost sounds like you are planning a Minecraft quilt with robotic cowboys! What’s the copyright on that? I know at least 3 kids who would be interested in that and one of them is actually young enough to still be in school :P.

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