Secrets from the Vaults…

I was a baton twirling majorette!    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

from the vaults

You may have guessed I’m behind with the Come Block with Me block this week?  I will upload as soon as I can.  Won’t be long.

Have you got anything planned for the Easter weekend?  We are going to soak up the glorious autumn sun, eat chocolate bunnies, plan out the painting of the house, clean up, daydream about winning the lotto and moving house, and probably wash the sheets LOL  And we desperately need to go to the rubbish tip!  Somehow, over the years, we have inherited everyone’s old furniture and junk.  I have no idea why it is still clogging up our house so it is going out!

You can find a load of specials on the website this week.

citrus blossom 840pxls

[Photo: Citrus Blossoms]

Flower Power Friday.  All floral themed PDF patterns are $4 each.  There are 18 in total.


[Photo: Woodstock Revisited]

You can also find various bunny/Easter themed PDF patterns on the website for $4 too.


[Photo: The Rabbits at Hyde Park with Red Cat Blue Cat peaking from underneath]

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe.  I will upload that block pattern tomorrow sometime.

toni xx




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  1. I love the majorette picture. I was a majorette too. Wouldn’t it be fun to do it one more time? What kind of quilts do you make for Christmas?

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