Four Dollar Friday, Come Block with Me, Fabricky stuff, Apologies Et Al.

Hi all,

Firstly, sincere apologies to everyone I haven’t replied to recently.  Life has been hectic to say the very least and I’ve rarely been home.  I’m hoping to catch up with you all this week.  Please give me a nudge if I’ve missed reply to a message or email.

Next up, Four Dollar Friday.  I’m still on an Easter kick and The Bunnies at Kew Gardens, and The Rabbits at Hyde Park are up for $4 this weekend.  Pop on over to the website to your copy for $4 each.

The Rabbits at Hyde Park
The Rabbits at Hyde Park


I’ve uploaded a new section to the website called “Come Block with Me”.  Each week I will upload instructions for a new block.  The sizes of the blocks may vary, as will the fabrics used.  This is purely a fun exercise and a way to use up your scraps.  I won’t be providing a requirements list for the blocks.

Sometimes I will put the blocks together into a project or make suggestions for alternative layouts.

My intention is to make a Christmas sampler from the first 12-16 blocks.  If you would like to make the Christmas sampler with me, please choose Christmassy fabrics!  Don’t worry about everything being matching or perfect, scrap quilts are the best quilts!

garden path

I will write each set of block instructions to suit the fabrics I have chosen for my block.  You do not need to follow my colour choices.  Simply substitute your favourite colours and fabrics instead.

This week’s block is a variation of the “Garden Path” block.  Pop on over to the website to get your copy of the instructions.  I’m going to have to remake my block, the white fabric stretched and frayed and behaved rather badly. My seams are off because of it. The white fabric has a date with the bin!!!  I don’t think I can even use it for test blocks.  Not impressed with the fabric company involved.  The other fabrics in this range are fabulous, but the white is absolutely crappy.  Ps. not a Riley Blake fabric range.

A couple of big parcels arrived this week.  Fantastic Fabricky parcels!  There were some Riley Blake 108in wide backings.  Great spots and chevrons. and excellent quality fabric too, I’m very impressed.


Lots of flannel for winter pajamas.  I must drag the overlocker out and see if it still works.

pajamas too

spotty pajamas

And a stash of stunning fabrics, mostly Riley Blake fabrics, for a Christmas project I have in the works.  Stay tuned for that one!  Aren’t these gorgeous!!!  I nearly swooned when I opened the box!

new fabrics

I’ve been working on some Koalas.  I’m not sure how I’m going to proceed with these.  They’ll be a work-in-progress for a little while yet.  I’m also a little obsessed with cowboys right now.  The curtains in the dining room have cowboys pinned all over them!  LOL


The backing fabric for the panda quilt has arrived and it is almost done.  Another two to three weeks I think, my lovely quilter is on hols at the moment :o>

sneaky peak pandas

And that’s just about it for tonight.  I’m going to join my little kitty on the lounge in a food coma.  Steak, onions and mashed potato were for dinner tonight.  Comfort food.  Yummy.  Kate makes a special onion gravy thingy with fried onions combined with a little beef stock, a little hickory/bbq sauce and a teeny bit of sugar.  OMG it’s good!

kitty food coma

Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx