Four Dollar Friday

Hi everyone, it’s Friday again.  This week’s four dollar PDF pattern is Red Cat Blue Cat.  This is one of my favourite quilts, one of the few that I kept for myself :o>  You can get your $4 copy on the website here.


What have you been up to this week?  It was a busy week here, with back to school, work and the daily grind that takes up so much time.  It was also allergy central, with us sneezing our way through drowsy, anti-histamine filled days.  I think there must be a tree or plant flowering at the moment that is irritating everybody’s noses!  I apologise to everyone I’ve spoken to this week, the only anti-histamine that works for me knocks me out cold and leaves me a bit hallucinatory ROFLOL.  I only take it when I can’t stand my eyes, ears and nose itching a second longer and that has been every day this week!

I’m slowly stitching the panda quilt.  It’s taking forever because the fusible webbing is so tough and hard to sew through.  I’ve sent the roll back to the suppliers, marked as faulty, and I’m hoping to find a lighter weight webbing soon!

The plaids are still sitting on my sewing table waiting for the perfect plain brights to magically appear beside them.  It’s hard to get a vibrant bright to match.  Most modern brights are quite subdued in comparison!  Do you know of any true brights that might be a match?  These are sharp, clear brights and most ‘bright’ fabrics appear pastel or muddy beside them.

plaids and socks wmarked

Not much has happened this week beyond sneezing and drinking a lot of coffee.  It’s been hard to drag myself back to the grind of school lunches and the morning/afternoon school run.  When I think I’ve been making school lunches for 18 years…  well, to be honest, I would like to scream!  LOL

talk soon, toni xx



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  1. Have you thought of put spots with them instead of plain colours. I think I have seen some spots that would be bright enough. I love the colours.

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