A guilty secret…

I’ve got a mess.  A very big mess.

We have a storage room under the house and it’s where I keep my fabric and Kate’s (Miss 23) yarn.  A want-to-be studio of sorts.  Somewhere mid-November last year a fabric/yarn explosion occurred, a table collapsed and everything went splat.  Neither of us can face the mess.  We’ve been avoiding it.  I am ashamed to say that this is only half of it.


It has given me a good excuse to work through my fabric and sort it into project groups.  To decide which to keep and which to destash.  I’ve found some gems like this bundle of Jan Mullen wovens.  They are gorgeous and I love them so much.  I’m terrified to cut into them just in case I stuff up and waste the fabric LOL.  Would you add a black and white to these?  I’m reluctant to.  I know it would add spark, but the colours are so gorgeous I think the black and white might be too much.


There are rolls of batting, plastic crates of fabric and notions, bookcases full of books, sewing machines, dressmakers dummies and every piece of not needed furniture our respective families have dumped on us over the past 20 years.  Normally it is very organised space, neat, if not rather crowded.  The suitcases are still out from when we got back from Europe *blush*.

First to go will be the excess unusable furniture.  It can be donated to the local charity shop and then we can buy some storage type furniture from Ikea to replace it.  A lick of paint, some ruthless binning and dumping, new curtains and our space should be useable again!  yay!

That’s my guilty secret.  I’ve been a messy grub.  My studio space isn’t beautiful, it’s downright awful and I’m ashamed.

lizard 360pxls

We found a baby lizard this week, one of the dragons that live on the back hill.  He was stuck in a bucket and awfully cold.  Hubby had to warm him up in his hand for half an hour before he could move.  Kate warmed her hands on a hot mug to help.  Isn’t he gorgeous!  Happily, after he warmed up, he bounded back down the hill and home.

Did you have a great weekend?  It was our Australia Day long weekend.  School goes back on Wednesday *yuck* I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m simply over the bullshit to be honest.  Only four years to go!  yay!!!! *giggle*

toni xx

Thanks everyone for your help with the magazine projects.  I really appreciate it!  xx





3 thoughts on “A guilty secret…

  1. I’ve just moved fabric from a corner of the lounge to the spare bedroom … so my mess is all nicely ironed and folded by colour into beautiful white Ikea shelving, it is my dream room now, after so many years 🙂 Oh how I love Jan Mullen quilts, patterns, fabrics – up until last year we were lucky enough in Perth to still be able to go to classes at Jan’s studio, what an inspirational place to be! I’d use the colours just as they are… enjoy!!

  2. Oh yes! I know about crowded overflowing studios……but I do love your Jan Mullins fabrics so much I’ll dream about them tonight. So envious!

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