Four Dollar Friday, Birthday Club winner and stuff…

Two kitties.  Four hours of non-stop gallumping up and down the hallway in the wee small hours.  And an idiot (me), who accidentally nudged her iPod and turned it on full blast at 2.35am this morning.  Welcome to Friday hell in the Alexander household.

What a night.  To make it worse, in my half-dazed, just woken up from a nightmare state I was holding down what I thought to be the off button when instead it was the volume button.  Jack White and The White Stripes blasted the world awake.  At one stage I rammed the whole ruddy thing under my pillow to make the noise stop.  I love you Jack but not in the black pits of nightmare hell.  I will apologise to my neighbours later.

And then the cats played at being Weeping Angels (Dr Who).  When I first woke they were in the hallway… staring at me.  When I opened my eyes again, there they were, a little closer, still staring at me.  When I opened them again… GAHHHHHHHHHHH!  They were right beside the bed.  Alien eyes, glowing in the dark, evil at 3am.  Oh God!  don’t blink!

Eight cups of coffee later I’m still unwashed, unshaven (???) and in my jim-jams.  A wake-up shower beckons and as soon as I’ve done this blog post I am sticking my head under its cold, reviving water… then I’m taking a nap!


Now, down to business before I become completely hysterical…  this week’s Four Dollar Friday pattern is Dotti.  I was so inspired by Michelle’s quilt.  Did I show you the piccies?  Michelle’s quilt is gorgeous, everything about it is brilliant.  Sometimes I think I should just draw the quilts and throw them out there for you all to make.  You do a better job of it than me!

michelle dottis two michelles dotti

I’ve lost my train of thought…. dum de dum de dum… can you belive that the cats are ASLEEP!!!  I feel very peeved about that!

Oh, yep, that’s it.  The Birthday Club winner for December… drum roll please.. the winner is Jane from Sew Create It.  Congratulations Jane!  I’ve sent the Fat Quarter Shop voucher to your email address.  Pop on over to the website to join the Birthday Club giveaways.  You only have to sign up once, the form details are stored on my private database.

I’m determined to get the panda quilt top finished by the end of January.  I’ve spent far too much time navel gazing over this one, trying to make it perfect.  The quilt is certainly on the endangered list!

I’m sure there was other stuff I could waffle on about, but I’ve forgotten.  The screen is actually blurry LOL.  Curse nightmares, gallumping cats and Jack White!

toni zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz







2 thoughts on “Four Dollar Friday, Birthday Club winner and stuff…

  1. Hey Toni! Oh! Oh! Oh! I think I’ve just hurt myself laughing & hubby is mildly alarmed at my unrestrained hilarity! :0) I had such a clear mental picture of your early morning escapades … Especially the Weeping Angel Kitties … At least you didn’t end up in Hull! :0) As for your impromptu music appreciation session .. It could’ve been worse … My folks lost power once whilst in the middle of watching a DVD. When the power came back at 3am their DVD picked up where it left off … With Andre Reur blasting away with his orchestra. Now THAT would be a nightmare! Tee! Hee! Hee! Sleep well tonight to make up for it & sweet dreams! Bear Hugs! KRIS

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