For those who came in late…

I’ve been neglecting the blog since I signed up to Facebook.  I know, Facebook is pretty blech and some of you hate it with a passion, but I find the format easier.  I’m crap at blogging, but I could spam the hell out of you all on FB.  A quick piccy, a few words and everyone knows what I’m up to.  That’s if FB works how it’s supposed to, which is rarely LOL.  I’m defeated at all turns *grin*.

I’ll try and treat the blog like FB in future.  I use my iPod to take a lot of piccies, nobody EVER charges the battery in the camera *grrrr*, so sometimes the piccies will be blurry and less than professional.

Ok, it’s update time.  What’s happening in the Blue House?

The pandas are ba-aaaack.  Yep the endangered little devils are still driving me crazy.  I’m determined to get them right though and after many false starts and crappy fabric choices I think I’ve found a way to make them work.  Sort of.  There has been some unpicking this morning.  Random block placement really SUCKS and my OCD need for symmetrical block stacking keeps getting in the way of me finishing the quilt centre.


Fabric chosen…  bright Kona Cottons.  So far so good.  I think.  I fall in and out of love with Kona Cottons on a regular basis.

panda multi panda yellow

Fusible webbing… crappy!  the glue is too strong on this batch, it’s not separating from the paper and it’s as tough as old boots.  I’ve broken four needles  and bent several.  Uri Geller?  I’m trying some samples of Heat and Bond kindly donated to the cause by Quilt Jane.  The Featherweight one hates the applique mat, sticks to it and won’t budge, but the Lite one seems okay.  I’ll trying stitching them by hand today and see if the needle breaks, bends or bruises my fingers.  Stay tuned!

The kitten remains properly unnamed.  He’s a sweet little thing, an oddly affectionate  little whirlwind of terror and energy.  None of the names we have come up with stick or stay.  He is registered as Rom.  Big kitty is Remy and little kitty is Rom (Remus and Romulus) but we need a short, call-me, name.  Remy gets Rem, Remzoar (cause he is just like a velociraptor when he’s angry) and puss puss puss.  I’m not even sure Rom works.  He is more a Venkman!  The poor little thing is starting to come to “hey you!”.  Do you think he’s an ugly little spud?  He’s such a strange kitty, so different in personality to Remzoar, and I haven’t quite fallen in love with him yet.

kitten no name

It’s time for lunch, must eat something seeing I missed breakfast.  I can’t think of anything else, oh except I’m currently completing the paperwork to go to Houston in the Fall.  Look out Texas, there are more Aussies on the way LOL.

Have a fun week everyone, toni xx

Ps. my house is painted bright blue if you are wondering about the reference, and the locals send anyone who is looking for us “to the blue house” *giggle*.



2 thoughts on “For those who came in late…

  1. Hi Toni
    Your pandas look so so cute. Looking forward to see the completed quilt. Have you thought about coming over to Festival of Quilts in August in what is surpost to be our summer in the UK. I have meet Lynette Anderson a couple of years ago at Festival, another Aussie.

  2. Hey Toni! LOVING how the pschodelic (spellcheck on that one! Tee! Hee! Hee!) pandas are coming together!! :0) Hmmm … Maybe kitty is Taz … Tassie Devil from Disney … Has that slightly startled look. :0) Oooh … Houston doesn’t know what it’s in for! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

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