Alchemy and Magic

Don’t you just love the alchemy and magic that is quilting?  When a flimsy top becomes a textured, touchable, snuggly, gorgeous quilt. 

I always feel the need to hold my breathe, like a little kid at their first Fair.  Anticipating.  Waiting for the magic to happen. 

dancing boots borders

This is the best part of the process. 

toni xx

Ps.  Boot ‘n’ Skoot came back from the quilters today.  I’ll bind it this afternoon, snap some piccies between storms and it will be tomorrow’s Four Dollar Friday pattern.


2 thoughts on “Alchemy and Magic

  1. I just love the title of this post and agree that quilting adds that bit of magic to a quilt….. love this one Toni… great job…

  2. I know you were stressing a lot about getting this one done, but it has ended up with a terrific result. The boots look great. Enjoy the binding process – it is the perfect day for it.

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