Hello, it’s Thursday! And there are always kittens to make you smile.

Hello everyone,

Thank you again for your support.  I have over 300 emails in my inbox at the moment and I’m slowly plodding through answering where I can.

I’m saddened at the amount of people who have had bad experiences or who are unhappy with the industry, and at the sheer amount of people who are scared of, or have been prevented from speaking out about it.

I took a big step yesterday.  I resigned from my current commission with the magazine, and I won’t be supplying them with projects anymore.  I can no longer agree to the Terms & Conditions of their Contract.  I didn’t make this decision lightly.  If you are considering working for a magazine remember that a magazine contract is no different to any other contract, get it checked by your solicitor.  If you are altering the Contract to suit your terms make sure the changes are initialed by both parties, then have them send you a copy of the newly signed document.  You are doing the magazine a favour by supplying them with the project, not the other way around!

The industry is the problem, not the craft.  As an artisan I love what I do.  I love working with fabric and I intend to continue doing so.  Whether that means I will sew solely for myself or still write patterns I honestly don’t know.  I certainly won’t be rushing to meet a deadline or feeling the pressure to sew a project a week to keep up with current trends.  Patchwork and quilting shouldn’t be a rush.  It shouldn’t be a sew-in-a-day project.  Take a big breath, slow down, and enjoy the stitching you do.  It’s not a race, popular or otherwise.

Oh and this is the kitten I promised ;oD  He’s my own little fanged horror, now a 6 1/2 kilogram brute (much-loved).


love to all, toni xx


One thought on “Hello, it’s Thursday! And there are always kittens to make you smile.

  1. Hi Toni

    You sound much better today. I’m so glad you made that decision to resign from your current commission, your hard work and talent and that of other designers is worth a lot more than what has been dished out to you.

    I hope something can be done to tighten up the industry, but until then, please stay strong, your work is amazing, and I hope you can maybe look at travelling and doing some workshops, I know I would LOVE it if you came to Perth and brought a travelling suitcase with your fabulous quilts.

    And that is the cutest kitten ever 🙂 x

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