When is fern too big?

When you have to repot it into an upside down 120L compost bin!  I have this gorgeous fern, nurtured from when it was a teeny little baby, that has grown into a beautiful, big green brute.

potted fern

We’ve spent ages trying to find a pot that was big enough for it.  Yesterday I had a brain wave, we could use one of our compost bins (which to be honest are absolutely useless at making compost in our humid climate), turn it upside and bingo!  a big, gigantic, if somewhat ugly pot!

big and little pot

All we had to do was get it out of its teeny pot and into the big one.  It weighed a bloody ton I’m telling you.  There was huffing and puffing, and devices worthy of an ancient Egyptian building a pyramid, but finally it was done without too much damage to the fern.  It’s a little crooked in its pot but it will eventually bed down and fluff out :o>  It towers over my head now.  God help us when we move house and have to transport it LOL

I’ve been pattern writing this weekend.  Getting instructions correct, running the templates through Illustrator, and coming up with some bonus patterns for the Flower Fairies block of the month.  This pattern will be released normally too.  I’m currently working out a way to allow this to happen without penalising the stores who run the BOM or those of you who are waiting for the PDF pattern release.  I will promise you though, it won’t be expensive.  It will be as close to current pattern prices as printing costs will allow.  I don’t believe in making stores or the public pay squilllions for a block of the month pattern.  I came across one last week that was $159.  Jeeeeez!


Jenny from Elefantz has published the November edition of her e-zine.  My good buddy Kris from Tag Along Teddies has an interview in the magazine – where she is far too kind to me.  I’m still blushing.  Pop on over and say hello to Kris, who is the nicest person this side of the Great Divide, and grab a copy of Jenny’s e-zine for some great reading!

jenny elefantz

Well it’s taken over an hour for that last piccy to load and I’ve lost my train of thought.  I’m heading back into the garden, we need to do some work before we can sell this place.  We’re seriously considering taking a transfer o/seas for a couple of years.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

Ps.  Speaking of lovely people, it’s Jane’s birthday today, pop on over to her blog and say hello!


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  1. those ferns do get big… your fairy quilt is looking fabulous…. and how exciting about possible moves.. not that I am too happy about you going too far!!

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