The world’s most expensive loo spray…

I’ve just realised, looking back, that my post was a little odd in it’s title and subject ROFLOL.  For a short, over-worked moment the fact that I was using an $120 a bottle French perfume in the loo was ridiculously funny!  Please accept my assurances that I haven’t gone completely mad.  I fell in love with this particular perfume a long time ago and have saved my pennies to buy a bottle here and there.  All of a sudden it stank to high heaven and I couldn’t stand the smell, hence it’s banishment to the loo :o>>>  Normal programming will now resume!  xx


I’m using my $120 French perfume as a toilet deodoriser…  Yeah I really am.  I used to love my French perfume but in recent years my ‘nose’ has changed and I prefer more natural smells.  My gorgeous French perfume now smells, to me, of chemicals.  As of this morning it is residing in the bathroom, the most expensive loo spray you have ever smelt!  ROFLOL

I’m super busy at the moment stitching, writing and also uploading patterns to a new site (for me) PatternSpot.  PatternSpot is run by C&T Publishing and looks like a great site.  I’m hoping to get a lot more exposure here.

The cowboy boot quilt is almost finished for Homespun and I’ve found a quilter to do the quilting for me.  I’m stuck on the border for the fairy quilt.  I’ve been to four local quilt shops but can’t find the right fabric.  There are too many big, in your face, prints at the moment.  I need tonal/small print pastel brights.  Until I find the right fabric the quilt is on hold.

What have you been up to this week?  I’ll bet you’re not using French perfume as a toilet deodoriser!

toni xx


4 thoughts on “The world’s most expensive loo spray…

  1. LOL re the French perfume 🙂

    My other favourite quilt designer, Jan Mullen from Stargazey Quilts, has her patterns on PatternSpot too … might go and have a look see now…

    I love the new header on your page up there ^ ^ ^ ^ it’s really cool 🙂

  2. haha…..I wonder if the perfume has turned or if your tastes have changed??? good luck with the border fabric finding…

  3. You’re quite right, I’m not using French perfume as a toilet deodoriser but I am stitching and writing patterns that should have been done before now. Vicki

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