Four Dollar Friday

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of week again and I’ve decided to make the ‘PDF Pattern of the Week’ a set price from this week forwards.  They will now be Aus $4.00 regardless of the pattern being offered.

This week’s Four Dollar Friday pattern is “Christmas at Santa’s House”.  Pop on over to my webstore to get your copy of the PDF pattern for only $4.00.


I’ve been working on some new panda blocks this week, as well as resurrecting some half-finished people blocks from the recycle bin.  I also have a project for Australian Homespun magazine to get finished as well as some new softies.  Nothing like a pressing deadline or four to get a person motivated :oD

panda one

peggy one

I was going to share some piccies of the Stitcher’s Dream Day Out at the Quilter’s Angel from last week but my phone didn’t store the photos I took.  I’ve asked Marion can I use some of hers and am waiting permission.  You can pop on over to Tag Along Teddies and Bubz Rugz to see Kris and Fiona’s blog posts about the weekend.  It was lovely!

I’ll leave you with some more holiday piccies :oD  One weekend we took the train out to Portsmouth to see The Victory and The Mary Rose.  It’s such a gorgeous spot, the boats I love, the smell of the sea, bliss.  And I got to stand on the spot, on the deck of the ship, where Nelson was mortally wounded on the 21st October, 1805!  Have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

portsmouth eight portsmouth eleven portsmouth five portsmouth four portsmouth fourteen portsmouth nine portsmouth seven portsmouth six portsmouth ten portsmouth thirteen portsmouth three portsmouth twelve portsmouth two portsmouth one



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  1. more fabulous holiday pictures…. love your blocks.. that little smiley person obviously hasn’t dreamt of chihauhaus (?? spelling)

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