Christmas Pattern Bundles

Hi everyone,

I’ve uploaded a heap of Christmas pattern bundles to Etsy , Craftsy and to my website.  They’re great value and there’s still time to make the projects for Christmas!  I will reformat the Santa Sacks pattern this week and make it a stand alone pattern.

Merry-Little-Reindeer-360pxls rudys-gang-with-festive-stars-360pxls rudys-gang-and-merry-men

I’ve got a bad case of the blues this week, and staring at half-finished quilts isn’t helping at all :o>  I made a colossal newbie mistake this week too, which ended in an almost finished quilt top being binned.  I didn’t check the colour-fastness of a piece of check fabric and the teeniest squares of red dyed fabric ran all over the quilt and completely ruined it.  I was so peeved with myself, I’ve been sewing for more than 30 years and should’ve known better!  In my own defence I tested the solid reds and the batiks, but thought I’d be okay with the check, it hardly had any red in it.  Big. Mistake.  I tried a number of things to remove the red dye, but they didn’t work, and the bin was the last option.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  I’m off to kick myself up the backside and cheer up, I hate it when I feel like this, curse stupid cyclic depression!  Pandas and Teddy Bears are on the agenda this week.  toni xx

Rudy's-Gang-&-Santa-Sacks-360pxls santas-house-bundle-360pxls xmas-pattern-bundle-360pxls



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  1. I can understand being hit by the blues for a red! Hope you are feeling a bit more upbeat now… your patterns are lovely …

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