We’re baaaa-ack…

Howdie everyone,

We’re back from our holiday, rested, healed, and happy. 

We walked, and walked, and walked and loved every second of it.  I felt great, aches and pains disappeared and weight was lost LOL.  Miss 12 was happy!  yes HAPPY!  It is worth being broke for that alone LOL.  The UK and France put on a great show for us.  It was hot (summer in Australia hot) and fine the whole time.  We didn’t have a drop of rain in almost three weeks.

Eiffel Tower

I’d like to say that my injuries are completely healed, but after a week at home I am sore and in pain again.  But this proves to me that it’s something in my home/work environment that is making the injury flare up.  We’ve decided that it is either our lounge chair where I do most of my hand-stitching, the mattress on our bed or this computer (the way it is set up).  It can only be one of those three things, so everything is positive.  We will do some experimenting and work out which of the three, if not all three, are the culprits and go from there!  I was sick with worry that I would be in pain for the rest of my life, but I’ve proved to myself that I don’t need to be and that my body will heal.  I just need to find what I am doing wrong to make it flare up and the pain start.

Be back with more piccies and news soon, love to everyone, toni xx

Ps. jetlag on the UK run is the pits!!!

Pps. the Eiffel Tower is soooo beautiful!


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  1. Great picture! Seems like the mattress is the first piece of furniture to trial as we all have to sleep! If you don’t sit on that lounge for a few days I’m sure we’ll survive no new posts for that length of time so you know if you can rule the bed out :).

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