Store Closure, Winners and a new Christmas Quilt

Hi everyone,

I have heaps of news today, so I’ll get straight to it :o>

My webstore will be closed until the 1st August, 2013.  I am taking some time off work to allow the injuries from the car accident to heal.  I’ve been told, very brutally, that if I don’t rest it will never get better :o(  Considering it has been over a year since the accident and I still have a lot of pain and a scary loss of feeling in my fingertips I think it is time to stop being as stubborn as an ox and take some time out :o>  Apparently this means no typing and no sewing whatsoever.

PRINTED patterns, retail and wholesale, will not be available until the 1st August, 2013.

PDF Patterns won’t be available through my Red Boots webstore but will be available via my CRAFTSY and ETSY stores.  Craftsy and Etsy have an ‘instant download’ service and you will be able to download your patterns without needing me to do anything…. like using my arms!

I won’t be contactable during this time, except for dire emergencies!  Thanks so much for your understanding.

The winners have been drawn for the giveaways I was running.  Congratulations to –

Julie G. who won the Little Bears wall hanging.  The Little Bears pattern will be uploaded to Craftsy and Etsy at the end of the week.  It measures 27 1/2in square.  A big snuggly quilt is in the works but won’t be completed for a while yet :oD

little bears

Robyn S. and Lois who each won a copy of Gail Pan’s new book, Simply Christmas 2013; and

gail pan xmas

Melanie R. and Cathy P. who each won three Red Boots patterns.

The prizes are in mail and you should get them soon.  Lois (your email starts with “tuba……”) can you please contact me so I can get your book in the post.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners.

My new pattern, which I don’t have a name for yet, will be available on the 1st August, 2013.  Miss 23 has been pressed into service to help me complete the pattern.  It is an old quilt, made and written before I was any good at writing patterns, and before I had the guts to sack my tester.  I’ve re-made the quilt with some changes to make it look better, and the new pattern will be easy to understand!  Sorry about the crappy photo.  The Christmas stockings are real and can be filled with light-weight goodies!

I can’t think of a name for it?  Can you?  I’ll send a freebie pattern to the lovely commenter who comes up with a good name for it!

xmas quilt with lights 500pxls

That’s it for me folks.  This little blog post has been enough typing for me to need a couple of painkillers and an icepack :o<
See you on the 1st of August!

toni xx


8 thoughts on “Store Closure, Winners and a new Christmas Quilt

  1. Be sure to get that rest that the doctor said to, I know it can be hard to sit around when you are use to a busy life. The new quilt is very cute, how about “Santa’s Hangout” for a pattern name.

  2. Good luck on the resting, it can be hard to do sometimes. How about “Santa’s Hangout” for the name of the pattern. The hanging stockings is a great idea.

  3. I would call it Merry Crismoose!!! Love the name red boots …My dad called me that until I was about 10 yrs old. I always wore red tights …no matter what dress color I had on … so the nick name stuck . Guess I was a silly kid back in the 50’s… Anyway good luck to you on the healing.

  4. Take care and follow doctor’s orders! Hope you feel so much better soon ! See you in August!

  5. Hi Toni! love the new pattern, what about “Merry and Bright?” The fabric choices are beautiful.Hope the break does you the world of good!

  6. Be good and get better soon…enjoy the end of winter…can’t wait to see you after 1 August!

  7. I am so excited about winning the book! My name and address are as follow: Lois Leavengood 2532 Longwood Court Biloxi, MS 39531

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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