One Kitty. One Ass. One Tetnus Shot. One course of Antibiotics.

See this kitty.  Yep this adorable, loving, and much loved kitty.

kitty 500pxls

Well he hates me changing his kitty litter.  It must release a pheromone or something when I change it.  Normally I remove him from the room, house, and sometimes the suburb before I change it.  To sum it up… changing his kitty litter sends him batcrap crazy.

Picture this if you will.  Me, half asleep, vulnerable at half-midnight.  I see a manky kitty litter box and think… poor kitty, I forgot to change your kitty litter today.  I’ll do it right now, even though I would rather be in bed than messing about with kitty litter.   Dum-de-dum-de-dum… what the living heck was I thinking!

I had my back to the door, head leaning up against the wall, semi-awake and minding my own business, slowly adding clean litter to the box… when WHAM! out of nowhere a 6 1/2 kilogram, moving like a freight-train, ginger moggy attaches himself to my backside, all four paws, claws and a mouthful of teeth in my ass!

One kitty.  One ass.  One tetanus shot… and one course of antibiotics.

It’s not been my week.

toni xx

Ps.  I’m not sharing pictures!


9 thoughts on “One Kitty. One Ass. One Tetnus Shot. One course of Antibiotics.

  1. Oh poor Toni, I hope your bum recovers, but (so sorry for laughing) OMG, that was absolutely hilarious, I nearly spat my coffee on my computer screen, I can just imagine the pain (*ouch*) … how could those beautiful green eyes be hiding such a cruel pet 🙂

  2. Poor you! Oh, man I know the feeling (not in the ass, mind you) I got the living snot bit out of my hand by one of our (indoor-only) cats after he spent some time outside w/out us knowing he was there…i thought i fad a good grip…he got me, like, 15-20 times…i was bleeding like crazy and crying, he was not hurt in the process…it was not a pretty sight. It took a week or so before the swelling in my hand went down.

    I have never heard of a cat going crazy with the chane of the litter. I wish you speedy recovery and that you can sit down w/out pain soon. : )

  3. I love your stories and that you don’t pretend to be perfect…..I identify!!! I am a bit off meself!!!!

  4. Hey Toni! I’m not laughing! … I’m not laughing! … I’m not … oh who am I kidding!!!! Nearly fell off my chair laughing … at the SITUATION not really at YOU … if you see what I mean! :0) Just one of the many reasons we are strictly a ‘doggies only’ household … and the hubby has to clean up what THEY leave behind in the yard! :0) I do hope the pain fades soon, that the antibiotics do their job … and that you have a soft pillow to sit on to drown your sorrows in a nice cup of soothing liquid … caffeine or alcohol … your choice! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  5. OW, OW, OW! Omigosh, some kitty needs kitty counselling for their neurotic privacy issues! I’d get into a habit of changing his litter first thing in the morning after your cup of java….when you are awake and can think straight. In fact, if he was mine he’d be eating breakfast behind a closed door in another room while I changed his kitty litter! Give him something else to think about. Hope the pain has worn off a bit.

  6. Hi Toni, I’ve been feeling like crap all day and you’ve just brightened the whole day. Sorry about your injuries but it is hilarious. Better luck next week. Vicki

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