The Great Valentine’s Day Swindle

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day…

♥  Two mugs of coffee and two chocolate biscuits for breakfast, the perfect start to Valentine’s Day :oD  Good things come in pairs… right?

♥  Flowers?  Not on your nelly.  Hubby of mine outdid himself in the romance stakes almost 30 years ago, decided he couldn’t top his effort, and quit romancing LOL

♥  Picnic at Hanging Rock.  A must read or must watch Valentine’s Day tradition.

♥  “His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad…”  thank God I’m not an angsty teenage wizard!  Miss 12 is dreading today at school :oD

♥  Valentine’s Day is the only reason I remember my Sister’s birthday!  I know that’s awful, but we are a completely dysfunctional family!

♥  If our Grandmothers kept their love letters, tied with pretty ribbons and hidden from the everyday world, what will we do?  The notion of printing our sexting and drunken phone photos of our genitals is so very poor in comparison.

toni xx


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