The Carrot Club

Don’t you love that pattern name, it’s thanks to a lovely Facebook friend, Pami.  I thought it was perfect for this pattern, though Sheryl’s suggestion of “Dust Bunnies” came a very, very close second :OD  These bunnies are designed to co-ordinate with a bunny bag pattern that is due for publication in Homespun’s Easter issue and my new itsy quilt The Bunnies at Kew Gardens.

You can find the PDF and printed pattern at all the usual places.  Etsy, Craftsy, my webstore, and Patterns Only who have come on board and are stocking all my patterns in PDF format… yay!  I’ll put their link, as well as a couple of other stockists in my sidebar shortly.


I’m behind with my #52 Lists thanks to a four day headache.  This is last week’s catch up list…

1. Migraines suck!  :oP

2. Bunnies rule!

3. Chocolate biscuits are delicious.

4. Coffee is a life-saving substance.

5. Bullies should be put in stocks and have eggs thrown at them.  I’m serious :o/

6. The person who invents a migraine/good headache medication that doesn’t send you to sleep will make millions!

7. I’m thinking about cactus.  Yeah it’s odd I know.

8. I’m craving roast beef, on the bone, with yorkshire pudding, roast pumpkin and home-made gravy… oooh I can smell the gravy.

9. The Hulk is cool, Bruce Banner is fantastic!

10. Of Monsters and Men are my favourite band this week :oD

and No. 11 – the WordPress spellcheck sucks!!!

My brain works in mysterious ways ;oD  See you tomorrow for this weeks list :oD

toni xx


2 thoughts on “The Carrot Club

  1. Love the name Toni. When you’ve got those bullies in the stocks let me know and I’ll help with the eggs. Vicki

  2. I like “dust bunnies”. Made me smile. Bunnies do rule and chocolate biscuits are grand AND I am with you 100% about the stupid bullies! But wouldn’t we then be bullies? Too heavy for tonight…love to you and the family!

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