#52 Lists

This weeks #52 Lists… Randomness from the blue house…

1. Chicken shouldn’t be pea green in colour Mr Coles!

2. I hate puking!

3. We are watching Close Encounters of the Third kind. Love the final scenes!

4. AC/DC song Highway to Hell is stuck in my head… See No. 1

5. The rain falling on the tin roof is very soothing.

6. What kind of quilt will I make next?

7. I’m thrilled about Richard III. Goose-bumpy in fact :0)

8. The inside of the house is over-run with ants – more rain to come?

9. The mock orange trees are covered in blooms and the whole house smells sweet :0)

10. I am going to buy myself a colouring-in book and some coloured pencils!

Ugh got to go and face the kitchen and dirty dishes. Have been avoiding it since the great green chicken episode of earlier tonight! Toni xx