The Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope…

It’s all Kris Meare’s fault.

I promised myself that I would get to bed before midnight at least once this week.  Tonight was that night.  My frazzled head, asleep on my sweetly scented pillowcase.

Then I made the fatal decision to read one last blog before I retired.  Tag Along Teddies was the one.

And there it was.  The Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope.  THE HURDY GURDY GONDOLOPE!  I haven’t in my 46 years come across another human being who knew who the Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope was!

I should’ve known that the amazingly fabulous and always gorgeous Kris would know about ‘The No Such Thing’.

At this point I should let you all know that I haven’t finally flipped my lid.  The No Such Thing is the name of a kids book from the 1970’s (written and illustrated by Penelope Janic) and the no such thing aka The Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope was a little boy called Benjamin’s pet.  This book influenced me so much, the saturated colour, the style of the illustration, the imagery.  It gives me great pleasure just to look at it as an adult.  I get tingles looking at it.

I am so buzzed now that I am never going to get the sleep.  And when I do I am going to dream of having my very own Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope.

It’s all Kris Meare’s fault.

hurdy gurdy gondolope

Ps.  LOL Spellcheck really didn’t like Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope!!!


One thought on “The Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope…

  1. Hey Toni! No, no! Not my fault! It was the Hurdy Gurdy Gondolope’s fault! Tee! Hee! Hee! I never actually read the book … It was apparently one of my cousins’ fave book, which inspired my aunt to Hobbytext it on a pillowcase for me. I had that pillowcase for years! Funny how childhood books stick in the memory … I’m keeping a lookout for a Golden Book about Danny Beaver’s Secret … One day I’ll find it! Sweet dreams! :0) Bear Hugs KRIS

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