Dear Bra Manufacturers…


Dear Bra Manufacturers,

What in the living heck possesses you to line the cups of your bras with nylon and polyester?

Add a little heat, add a little humidity and sweat, and you get the equivalent of carpet burn on your nipples!  This hurts.  This hurts a lot.

That is all.

toni. xx

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About me and my red boots

I'm a mad quilter and pattern writer who lost her way in the jungle that is the textile industry. I'm waiting for Tarzan, George of the Jungle or the guy who found Dr Livingstone to rescue me and show me the way home... maybe if I click my red boots together something will happen? or maybe not, I really hated that movie *grin*.

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  1. Hi Toni Hear Hear! Bras become unbearably sweaty things in our summers! And, as someone who after recent surgery has had to wear those ‘feminine products’ for over a month, my question is directed to the manufacturers of Stayfree etc products…do you have to use so much plastic and other synthetic stuff? Just asking for trouble I say! lol CheersMaria Maria Goodwin0402495438

    Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 23:46:37 +0000 To:

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